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    Religious Trauma

    Have you become disillusioned by your faith?

    Have you begun to question the black and white answers your faith provides?

    Were you wounded by the Purity Culture within the church?

    Were you raised in the church conflicted with the church’s teaching and your own sexuality?

    Do you need to re-evaluate your sense of self now that you have reconstructed your belief system?

    Have you become separated from a church community and now ask how to form community?

    Do you struggle with being your authentic self?

    Were you sexually or mentally abused by members in the church?

    Scotty was raised in an evangelical conservative church.  He is intimately aware of the damage that can be caused by indoctrination into a faith.

    Finding the road to recovery can be hard without assistance.  Let me walk beside you as we discover who you are beyond who you have been told to be.