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  • Why Choose Action?

    During a time when my life was in a period of indecision and lack of motivation. I was sitting in my home office over the course of a weekend not being particularly productive.  I had NPR on my radio in the background for noise.

    What caught my ear on that rainy weekend in February was the speaker talking about his own period of lack of motivation.  The speaker said that he had been in counseling and his counselor had been encouraging him to “choose action” when faced with a choice in life.  He went on to explain that often we get in cycles of just repeating the choice of not taking any action and that these cycles take a conscious effort to break out of them.

    Predetermining that you are going to choose action each time when faced with an option sets you up for breaking that cycle.

    The radio program played twice over the rainy weekend I listened.  Although not focused on the radio the words cut through me each time I heard them.  Choose action.  “Maybe there was something to it,” I thought to myself.

    I had been debating about returning to school at the time to be a counselor but my habit of choosing no action had been getting in the way.  It was time to choose action and enroll in school.

    Choose action works for even the most mundane choices.  For instance, yesterday I sat on my couch and thought, “Hmmm, I can sit here and watch YouTube, or I could do the dishes.”  I choose action, I got up to do the dishes.  When you have made the decision to take action ahead of time it there’s less of a chance of not taking action.

    If you find yourself struggling with lack of motivation and inaction, I challenge you to make the decision to Choose Action!